Ten Tips to Use the Law of Attraction to Win at Casino Gambling

The Law of Attraction is the Law of the Universe that says that what you see and concentrate on is what you may physically draw in your life to experience.

However, what if you like to make more money for yourself by simply winning at gambling. Will HAPPYLUKE work for you then? The solution is definitely! — so long as you’re vibrating in the right place emotionally while you’re doing it.

You see, I know this for a fact because I have been studying the Law of Attraction for twenty years as well as enjoyed gambling for approximately the same quantity of time; I can let you know without a doubt as my learning and studying has improved, so has my own winnings and jackpots!

While this guide will mostly be centered on winning Video Poker games in casinos (as it is personally my favorite to play with and that I know one of the most about this ) I am positive you may find a great deal of hints here which can allow you to win other matches as well.

Below are a few straightforward pointers to acquire into vibrational alignment with winning too well.

Inch. Do not gamble with money you cannot afford to drop.

Now, this may seem like ordinary”moral” information that anybody would tell youpersonally, however by a Law of Attraction standpoint it is particularly essential. The simple fact of the matter is, even if you’re having fun rent or charge money then you’re having fun with scared or guilt money! Having fun with scared money will place you in a negative vibrational place from the start and is likely to make it much more complicated to draw extra cash to you.

If money is a little tight right now – start a jack pot JAR into your dwelling. (Be sure to write Jackpot Jar about it by the way. This way every time you view it you might be giving your self a favorable verification. Finally you may come to believe that is Just What It is. ) Put some cash inside weekly. It doesn’t matter if it really is $1, $5 or $10. Just put a bit apart till you have accumulated the volume you would like to attract to the casino with you. Maybe you may money in the cent or change jar that you have sitting in the corner of one’s bedroom that is doing nothing.

The point is really to carry on your trip with all”guilt-free” or”fear free” money. You will automatically maintain a greater vibrational place knowing that it does not matter if you win or lose it, provided that you have some fun!

2. Visualize Winning Before You Go

My dad was one of the luckiest Videopoker players I have ever met. After he hit, it was usually for a few pretty big amounts. I remember a 13,000 jackpot, a couple $8,000 jackpots and way too many $4,000 and $1,000 jackpots to count.

The funny thing is my father did not technically believe in the Law of Attraction by itself, however a favorite thing of his would be to day dream (or visualize) about his second trip to Atlantic City and how he was going to triumph. He’d say things like”First I am going to goto the quarter machine and then hit $1000 there, I am going to take cash and go to play with the dollar machine and then reach $4,000 there after which I am going to sit for an hour or even two winning smaller sums until I struck the big one.” (Can it be any wonder I’m a fan of Video Poker when I see someone win it so easily?)

Now again, he did not do these visualizations as a”technique” to help him triumph, he did it because it had been fun because him think of. No matter reason he had been doing it – I can tell you it absolutely worked!

It got to the point at which if he obtained greater than 3 jackpots in a weekend, it was believed a”slow” weekend.

Finally he got so great at winning – that the idea of losing didn’t even enter his brain. And Legislation of Attraction being what it is (what you think and believe is exactly what you get) he hardly ever did lose.

Thus start visualizing winning before you go. Start small if a”huge jackpot” seems too unbelievable to you. Say O.K. first, I’ll win $100 here, then acquire $300 there. Imagine an ideal hands that will be dealt to you. Have the excitement you would feel as if you had won. Envision yourself emphasizing a enormous wad of bills in your own trip home and how good it seems. Try this as often as you possibly can before your trip so that you are already on a great vibrational degree before you arrive at the casino.

3. Practice at Home

If you are reading this, odds are you have access to the internet. The net has lots of free web sites where you can practice”winning”

Find your favourite game free online and clinic how winning feels. (Don’t pay attention to some losing hands in your totally free play) simply concentrate on how”easy” it is to win. Feel as if you are having fun real dollars. Feel the excitement, feel your confidence grow when you obtain one winning hands after another.

Now That You’re fully prepared for your trip, here are additional hints for if you get there:

4. See Your Words

While negative thoughts can keep you from winning, those thoughts spoken aloud can be ten times stronger. Be careful to not fall to typical”casino talk” that is indeed common for players. For instance:

Just how much are you ?

The amount of money do you’ve remaining?

No body appears to be hitting now (or the opposite).

Everybody seems to be hitting today except for me.

I’m not blessed in this post.

I can’t get any play.

I can not seem to do anything

I hate this placev

This place Sucks!

Bear in mind, Universe is after your own lead. Once you utter those types of thoughts and feelings, world responds as always by bringing more of it for your requirements.

Strive more positive announcements such as:

My winning machine will be calling for me right now, I simply have to listen.

My jack pot is awaiting for me here somewhere and I am going to think it is.

The ideal machine is going to jump right out in me.

I love coming here, I always have such a fantastic time!

5. Truly Enjoy The Game as You’re Playing

Stop emphasizing the credits that are getting in and out or the sum of chips left on the desk and bring your attention back to the delight of the game itself.

There have been many times, notably in Video Poker where I have become”Auto Mode”. I’ve been playing with the game for so many decades, that not much thought is required to mechanically hold certain cards which can be dealt in a hand. Regrettably that leaves my attention ready to accept focus on the amount of credits in the machine instead, and if the figure is moving down, my vibration goes with it.

I have since learned to re focus on the pleasure of the match itself. I now slow down my automobile response. I sometimes pretend for a newcomer to this game. I get myself deliberately excited over something as modest as a pair of 2’s that are dealt with me, wondering how how cool it is to draw yet another one –possibly two a lot of them! Yeah! I no longer wait for only the”big” hands to get me excited. I purposely delight in the match. The further I like, the further I am moving favorably. The more I am moving positively, the good hands I bring to myself that give me some thing to be truly pleased about.

So slow down it. Remember why you are there. To have pleasure. If you are focused on having a great time, the money will appear naturally.

6. Switch Your Game up

Did you ever wonder “beginners luck” occurs so frequently? I firmly believe it is because a person who does not know how a game is played, can not possess some unwanted thoughts or resistance associated with it.

An experienced Videopoker player may know that 9 out of 10 times that 5th card for the Royal Flush will not come up, but a newcomer does not have any idea. Therefore where a seasoned player might not believe it will happen because it is usually difficult, a novice does not have any such mental immunity.

If you think you are not having any chance in the customary game of preference, go play with a game that you don’t have any idea about. I can’t inform you how many times I’ve won money and didn’t even understand very well what I hit or didn’t get it. What pleasure! Then I choose the winnings out of this and then return to my standard game using a new winning vibration.

7. Carry onto a Best of Luck Charm Treasure Hunt

So, do best of luck charms really do the job? We’re talking about Law of Attraction here, so obviously they works if you believe they’ll.

Does it need to be a special charm? Not at all. My mother and I have been visiting Atlantic City together for several years. One of our favourite things you can do if things are going slow would be move on a Great Luck Charm Treasure hunt.

Whenever somebody wins a machine jackpot, the casinos place little white cards from the coin slot which says”Congratulations! You’re successful! , since the person gets paid. Quite often people leave these lying around and I really like to locate them and use them as my best of luck charm since they already have winning associated with them. If however, after 5 or 4 hands that they haven’t brought some fortune, we look for different things.

Sometimes it can only be a swizzle stick lying round. I am going to pick this up and hold it out as when it is the ultimate goal and claim”This is it! This could be the one!” And gently put it in my machine. We’ve had more fun coming up with the strangest of charms to utilize and experimentation with.

One time we drew only a little Kilroy figure onto a sheet of paper. (You know that the guy with the huge nose and hands overlooking the wall) . We put him on top of our system and had a wide range of pleasure with him. We’d rub on his little bald head before hitting the play button. My mom will turn him over and allow him to face the wall if he didn’t provide us the used we wanted. We ended up having such a good time and so many laughs, that we wound up doing very well daily.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying it had been”Kilroy” who forced us triumph, but we’re having so much fun playing him, our mood and shaking so happy and light, that Universe’d no option but to respond in kind and matched our vibration with tons of winning hands and money. Remember it is about the vibration you are sending outside. Abundant good feelings brings more abundance in other ways.

8. If You Can Not Transform Your Negative Vibe – Disappear For Awhile

Some times no matter what you can do, you can not shake a losing attitude. If you find this happening for you it really is time for a tiny mental distraction. You understand the saying”No sense in throwing away good money after bad”

If you are operating in a negative location, it will only bring more unwanted (i.e. more losing). Therefore now is the time to disappear for awhile and change your mood in other ways. If you are lucky enough to own a hotel room move there for awhile. Rent a 10.00 comedy on the tv (believe me you’d lose a lot more than that if you kept playing for two hours on the casino floor) and enhance your mood.

Maybe go window shopping in the Casino mall, then listen to the live band playing in the couch, go for a walk on the boardwalk or even the decoration. Go get yourself a fantastic snack or meal you would normally not eat at home. Up your vibration, feel much better and go back and play. Again, it’s about vibration.

9. Put Your Emotion Into Your Winning Hands – Maybe Not Your Losing Ones

Let’s imagine that you have 4 cards to a winning hands dealt to you and you also do not pull on the last card that you need. What can be your immediate first reaction? Does one feel confident that at last that the cards are starting to fall into line for you and also a winning hand is returning soon or do you feel disappointment or anger you”missed” it in order to wind up fuming for another 20 minutes.

Again, your vibrational reaction makes all of the difference. Should you focus only on the hands you didn’t acquire figure what you will get? More non-winning handson. If you set your e motion in to the excitement of this winning hands, however small, guess what you can get? More winning handson.

Learn how to change your attention and also put more of your happy emotion into the winning hands only. This leads us to the most important tip to winning with the Law of Attraction.

10. Gratefulness

Personally I have found that nothing can I win more than constant gratefulness while I am playing. When I win even as little as 5 coins I will say”thankyou Universe and much more of the please!” As I mentioned previously, I purposely get myself more enthused about the wins and also have heard to really feel little if any emotion at the reductions. I also make a concentrated effort to appreciate every thing . I’m thankful for the air-conditioned casino in the summertime. The fun lights and sounds I am surrounded by. The free drinks. The cries of folks winning at the craps table across the casino ( I enjoy hearing the excited sounds of the others winning! It boosts my spirits and makes me wish to win more, therefore that I will share in the delight .) I like the business of the people I go to the casino , the food in most of restaurants, the blank hotelroom.

Keep in mind the main reason you moved was to have pleasure. Make your Earth and priority will respond in kind and make certain it’s interesting for you personally.

Happy Growing!

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